First post about Linux

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First post about Linux

Post by alan200994 on Thu Feb 26, 2009 6:09 pm

First post about Linux

I think I am the one and only one who uses Linux from School or the first one who uses so many kinds of Linux distributions(From the first one to the recent one: Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Vixta, FreeSpire, Mandriva. ) Although Linux is not as pretty as Mac OS X and not as useful/Compatible as Windows, but I still choose Linux because I think users of Linux must be an expert, but I am wrong. Windows uses .exe file for installation and Mac uses .dmg for installation. The kind of installer is so simple that you cannot choose anything from it and you cannot edit the install as you want as they are oipensource software.To compare with the disdtributions of Linux I have ever used, I would choose Mandriva as my favourite one.

1.When it finished the installation, you can install windows fronts and Mac front as you want, but other distrubition of Linux don't have this feature, they just have Linux front which causes some problem. Linux front cannot display Chinese but Widnwos can and Mac can do so.

2.Easy install of software from the internet: It's compatible wirth .rpm(fedora) and tar.gz.bar2 and... Maybe some people may think that tar.gz.bar2 is so difficult ot install but with Software Managemenr of Mandriva, you can install so easily without ant system problem or software problem.

3.It provide all themes from distribution of Linux:Clearlook, IA Oral gray......

4.The only one Linux can install "OS Independent MSN" which provide 95% functions as MSN 9.0.

5.All updates are ok to install with no problem, but updates of Ubuntu are almost not ok.

6.Install software on OpenSUSE need with the OpenSUSE DVD, but Ubuntu and Mandriva don't have this problem.

6.1. Refer to my experience, the download speed of updates and software on Mandriva(2009) is the fastest and the best.(Lowest speed:700KB/s ; Highest speed : 41xxKB/s)

-Conclution: Though this Mandriva is the free distrubition of Red Hat, this Mandriva gives me a better experience and feel than Red Hat(Maybe Red Hat is designed fot server user)

See my screenshot about Mandriva2009: Facebook : alan200994@gmail

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