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This is the best OS X 86 project i think with its own update pack with no error.
Osx86, from the join of OSX and x86, is a project carried out by a lot of people to permit to run Mac OSX in non-apple machines.
The word Hackintosh comes from the union of Macintosh and the verb to hack

What is iDeneb?

iDeneb is a Mac OSX Leopard relase modified by Layne and iHackintosh Team, to run on non-Apple computers. This universal relase can run both on Intel and AMD based machines. The current version, iDeneb v1.3 10.5.5, has EFI support, but it can't boot on old macines due the less of Non-EFI boot. This drawback has been worked out with Chameleon bootloader, that can install also on SSE2 computers.

This is a small guide to install iDeneb v1.x

Download the iso image and burn it. (suggested 4x speed to have a readable image)
Boot the DVD, it will start in GUI mode. If you want to start in verbose mode, push F8 while the countdown and type "-v". Use the last one if the DVD shuldn't load, to know the error and ask for help in our forum.
he loading. Before installing open Disk Utility and initialize your partition in HFS+ (Journaled)
Close Disk Utility and go on with the setup. Select just the packages needed for your hardware. If you have some doubts ask in the forum, telling always our hardware configuration.
Launch the installation and wait until it finish.The last minute can last more, because the DVD is setting up the system.
At the end reboot the system and configure it. What a Face

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